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Gettysburg Driving Tour App:

Auto Tour Companion

Auto Tour Route

The "Gettysburg Driving Tour" app guides you through the National Park Service “Auto Tour” route.  The auto tour route is marked by red and black signs with a white star in the middle.  There are 16 stops on the self-guided auto tour and each of them gives a unique perspective on the 3-day battle.


GPS-guided audio tour

Gettysburg Driving Tour is a GPS audio tour app available for Android and Apple smartphones.  As you drive the auto tour route, Gettysburg Driving Tour will play audio, prompt you to watch reenactment videos, and give you direction reminders.


Adjustable Route

Gettysburg driving tour is adjustable, you can choose between optional and recommended auto tour stops on the map.  By choosing between the auto tour stops that interest you, you can complete the tour in 2-4 hours.




Ranked #5 Travel App in the Country

By appfigures.com


Gettysburg auto tour with GPS-enabled driving directions, video, and audio


Approximately 30 minutes of battle reenactment videos help paint a mental picture of the battle 


The GPS allows you to travel through the battlefield at your own pace lasting 1.5 - 4 hours

Union Soldiers shooting rifles
Confederate Soldiers shooting muskets

How it works

GPS-Enabled Tour

The tour audio plays based on your GPS location.  As your drive through the battlefield you will hear audio dramatizations, tour guide facts, and be prompted to stop and watch videos. The tour will last 2-4 hours based on your preference.

Bring the battle to life!

The Gettysburg National Military Park is approximately 3,965 acres of Pennsylvania countryside. Millions of bullets, 400 cannons, and fallen soldiers remain on the battlefield today. Gettysburg Driving Tour App helps you bring the battle to life with guide audio and battle reenactment videos.


Your Licensed Battlefield Guide, Joe.

Your guide, Joe is a Licensed Battlefield Guide for the Gettysburg National Military Park, and is a Past President of both The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides and The Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable. He has three books to his credit including “After Gettysburg: Lee retreats and Meade pursues”. Joe is a resident of Fairfield, PA, where he lives with his wife, Chris.

Joe will help you navigate the battlefield and help illustrate the events of the historic battle.



“Just finished the auto tour today and the app worked brilliantly. Hooked up iPhone to Bluetooth on the RV stereo and it guided us through the whole thing without us having to mess with the phone. App is perfectly priced considering the way overpriced audio CD at the visitor center ($30 as of today). ”

You can buy the $30 version from the gift shop OR you can buy this one and have money left for lunch. This app was great. The narration and embedded videos are awesome, and the gps function worked flawlessly. Our family of six had a great time learning history on the Gettysburg battlefield. Five stars.

I would recommend this app. It worked perfectly and the audio triggered at key points of interest along the way. Be sure to select the auto play option. We did this with 3 kids and enjoyed stopping along the way to dive more into this historic battlefield.

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